Animal-Free Hydrogels for 3D Cell Culture

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VitroGel® is a biofunctional animal-free hydrogel for 3D cell culture.  Achieve 3D cell culture assays in less than 20 minutes with consistent results.

Xeno-Free Hydrogel

Room Temp Stable

Easy Cell Harvesting

Lot-to-Lot Consistency

High-Throughput Capable


Cooking Up Capillaries – Organ-On-A-Chip with HUVECs

Institutions: National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Team: Lin, Y.-T., Tung Y.-T., Wong, J.-Y., and Wang, G.-J. Disease Model: Microvascular System Biomimetics Hydrogel: VitroGel® RGD Researchers find a facile way to create synthetic microscopic [...]

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Better in 3D than 2D – Celecoxib 3D Anti-cancer Testing

Institutions: University of Naples, Italy Team: Venuta, A., Nasso, R., Gisonna, A., Iuliano, R., Montesarchio, S., Acampora, V., Sepe, L., Avagliano, A., Arcone, R., Arcucci, A., and Ruocco, M.R. Disease Model: Melanoma Hydrogel: [...]

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Fishing for Therapies for Eye Cancer – Uveal Melanoma

Institutions: Leiden University, The Netherlands; University of Liverpool, UK; & Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Germany Team: Yin, J., Zhao, G., Kalirai, H., Coupland, S.-E., Jochemsen, A.G., Forn-Cuní, G., Wierenga, A.P.A., Jager, M.J., Snaar-Jagalska, B.E., and Groenewoud, [...]

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Clay is Good to the Bone – Osteoporosis Disease Model

Institutions: King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia; Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical University, Bahrain; and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan Team: Abduljauwad, S.N., Habib, T., and ur-Rehman, H. [...]

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Shaking Up Tumors with Sound and Bubbles

Institutions: Cheng Hsin General Hospital and National Taiwan University, Taiwan Team: Chen, K.-W., Hsu, P.-H., Huang, H.-L., Liu, H.-L., Lin, Y.-T., Hsu, C.-Y., Lin, J.-H., and Lin, Y.-H. Disease Model: Gastric Cancer Hydrogel: [...]

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Fighting Pancreatic Cancer – Two Drugs are Better Than One

Institutions: Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea and the University of Oxford Team: Hong, H., Barczak W., Park, S., Heo, J.S., Ooshima, A., Munro, S., Hong, C.P., Park, J., An, H., Park, J.O., Park, S.H., [...]

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Mice Recruited to Help Fight Cancer of the Thymus

Institutions: Gifu Graduate School of Medicine, Japan Team: Niwa, R., Hanamatsu Y., Kito, Y., Saigo, C., and Takeuchi, T. Disease Model: Thymic Cancer Hydrogel: VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix A mouse model of thymic cancer [...]

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Look Ma, No Oxygen! A SCAPs Journey

Institutions: University of Bordeaux, France Team: Mavinga, M., et al. Disease Model: Stem Cell Migration and Bone Regeneration Hydrogel: VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix Stem cells grown under hypoxic (3% O2) conditions appear to proliferate [...]

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Cell Line-Derived Xenograft Using Xeno-Free VitroGel System in Comparison to Animal-based Extracellular Matrix

Introduction Cancer progression is highly individualized. The mechanism is specific to each animal species, making oncology research one of the most challenging areas in biosciences. Recent advances that focus on the individualized nature [...]

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Choking Out Lymphoma in Dogs – Intestinal T-Cell Lymphoma

Institutions: Rakuno Gakuen University School of Veterinary Medicine, and Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan Team: Yamazaki, H., Tanaka, T., Nishida, H., Hatoya, S., and Akiyoshi, H. Disease Model: Intestinal T-Cell Lymphoma Hydrogel: VitroGel® RGD [...]

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A “Knockout” Antibody for White Blood Cell Studies

Institutions: University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands Team: Olofsen, P.A., Stip, M.C., Marco Jansen, J.H., Chan, C., Nederend, M., Tieland, R.G., Tsioumpekou, M., and Leusen, J.H.W. Disease Model: Cancer Hydrogel: VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix [...]

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Cells: Prepare Yourself to Make Cartilage

Institutions:IRCCS Instituto Orthopedico Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy Team:Gabusi, E., Lenzi, E., Manferdini, C., Dolzani, P., Columbaro, M., Saleh, Y., and Lisignoli, G. Disease Model:Osteoarthritis Hydrogel:VitroGel® RGD Stem cells embedded in VitroGel Hydrogel 3G RGD [...]

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Hydrogels and Light – A powerful Anticancer Duo

  Institutions:Shanghai Key Laboratory of Regulatory Biology and Tongji University, China Team:Yu, Y., Wu, X., Wang, M., Liu, W., Zhang, L., Zhang, Y., Hu, Z., Zhou, X., Jiang, Q., Cai, F., and Ye, [...]

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VitroGel Hydrogel as a Nurturing Matrix for Healing the Uterus

Institutions: Hospital of China Medical University and Key Laboratory of Reproductive Dysfunction Diseases and Fertility Remodeling, China Team: Hao, X., Zhang, S., Li, P., Huang, J., Yuan, Z., and Tan, J. Disease Model: [...]

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Turn Me Off, Please!

Institutions: Guangzhou Medical University, China Team: Yang, F.M., Shen, L., Fan, D.D., Bai, Y., Li, B., and Lee, J. Disease Model: Inflammation Hydrogel: VitroGel® 3D Cells grown in 3D cell culture reveal how [...]

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